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On top of the woes of the present economy, it seems we are constantly bombarded with tales of fraud, corporate directors receiving exorbitant bonuses, and of failed government regulation of consumer industries, all at the cost of the so-called little guy. So, when I recently came upon an article regarding a health insurer forced to reprocess 600 denied claims for emergency services after a review by the Pennsylvannia Department of Insurance, I couldn’t help but feel all warm and cozy. After all, as difficult as it is to get health insurance these days or to pay the premiums required if you do have coverage, it’s nice to hear when the safeguards in place to protect the consumer, actually do work.

That’s not to say that insurance companies are the cause of all our woes or that regulatory agencies have failed to serve the purposes for which they were intended. It’s true that greed on an individual and corporate level impacts all of our lives. But, let’s face it when this report was picked up by the many blogs and websites commenting on it (including this one), how many, were focused on the positive aspects of the story? Diligence and integrity just do not make for good headlines.

So with that in mind, this is to the men and women at the Department of Insurance whose efforts helped over 600 patients get coverage for emergency care received, and to everyone out there who choose to do the right thing instead of just what may be in their own best interests…, and yes, many of them also work for insurance companies…

Thank you! We appreciate it!

By the way, for any of you out there who feel you have been wronged as a consumer bookmark http://www.consumeraction.gov/caw_problems_dont_giveup.shtml. It contains a list of local, state, and federal agencies, regulatory agencies, consumer organizations, BBBs, and media programs that exist for the protection of the consumer. Free consumer protection booklets are also available, in English and Spanish, and can be ordered from the site also.

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